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Google’s Goals for 2009 (eng.)

Posted in Allgemeines, Allgemeines zu Google, Android by giwy on 2008-11-13

Bei einem anderen Blog habe ich eine interessante Theorie bzw. Spekulation über die Ziele von Google im kommenden Jahr gefunden. Man möge diese also mit der entsprechenden Skepsis lesen, die meisten davon erscheinen jedoch durchaus realitisch. Viel Spaß.

Some may say it’s a little too early to start guessing Google’s goals for next year – we’re just past halfway 08. I disagree.

It’s easier to see where Google is coming from these days – they’ve said there going to do something and so far they’ve been doing it. This does NOT mean they’re predictable. Google’s product base is founded on innovation and research, bleeding edge stuff. And I can smell the excitement.

So what’s Google got planned for 2009?

1. Continuing to change the world
Some long term goals are so vague they’re bound to come true. The big G isn’t set to monetize everything., the company’s philanthropic arm will continue to be devoted to renewable energy and environmental issues. We’ll see Google trying to become greener, fight disease, improve public services and fuel the growth of small-medium enterprise. They will, in essence, “not be evil” next year.

2. Monetizing existing products
Begining with Youtube Google will monetize their existing product offering. Already got ads? They’ll handle it more intelligently, efficiently. Start thinking about ad’s on Google Maps – it’ll be location and task specific… got a dog walking trail pegged out? It’ll undoubtedly show you nearby pet stores. Looking for a retail chain that sells x? Find its google funded competitors highlighted nearby.

3. Gear everything
Google gears is fantastic. It’s Google technology presently underutilised. Instead of serving pages faster and faster, I’m sure they’ll promote the technology. Gmail is one thing that is sure to be geared in the near future and I can see applications for it in Google’s entire product offering.

4. Andorid Push
It’s do or die for this platform. In 2009 we will see Google trying to keep the momentum going on this one. Why? Android is Google’s window into Africa. In a place where computers are expensive and internet access is sporadic at best, the cell phone is king. It’s predictable now what will happen if Google dont. Android phones will be delayed due to Google’s expansive feature set or some other nigling implementation detail. Other manufacturers who will be looking at HTC will be discouraged by the prospect of implementing Android on their phones and slowly release variants of something Andoird-like but based on their own operating systems thus defeating the entire point.

5. Getting out of Beta
Getting products out of Beta. Specifically Gmail. Gmail has a way to go before its “finished” (if Google products ever have such a state) but I dont think it will be long at all before we get something thats not a Beta.

Even if its a Beta 2.

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  1. creativesideburner1 said, on 2008-11-16 at 18:45

    Ist aber doch schon ziemlich copy&paste – trotz quellenangabe. Google straft sowas gerne als duplicate content ab… aber Google weiß ja eh alles und darum geht es hier ja. Danke, dass ich nicht extra dem Link zu romathew folgen musste.

  2. giwy said, on 2008-11-16 at 22:22

    Ja, das ist eigentlich richtig, aber solange eine Quellen-Angabe vorhanden ist, spricht auch aus juristischer Sicht nichts gegen C&P.

    Ausserdem sehe ich meinen Blog als „Mirror“ für solche News, man weiss ja nie, wie lange andere Seiten / Blogs bestehen und es wäre ja schade, wenn dieses Wissen dann verloren gehen würde, oder? ;)

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