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GiWY in English (plus: Editor wanted!)

Posted in Allgemeines, Allgemeines zum Blog by giwy on 2008-12-15

A few days ago, many people asked me on a big website (you probably know where ;) ), why i don’t post articles on GiWY in English. Well, the simple answer is, posting in English is much more and harder work for me and my English Grammar is not as far as good as my German one.

So please understand, that in the near future most articles, especially the self-written ones, will still be in German.


But of course, if you’re interested in writing Google-critical articles and publish them here on GiWY, one of the fastest-growing WordPress-Blogs, just drop me an email on*

Requirements for your Apply:

+ Fluent English (Mother Language would be best)

+ Good Grammar

+ Ability to work with WordPress

+ Knowledge about where to get News about Google REALLY fast (Reuters, AP, CNN, NyT, etc.)

+ (opt.) Ability to search for Google Insider news.

Don’t even think of any payment and / or Holiday for your work. ;)

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  1. Daniel Verhoeven said, on 2009-02-25 at 13:08

    I could do some translation for you. I’m a google basher, not hater, though my main research project is contextual research (the opposite of Google) see e.g. My mother tongue isn’t English but I’ve worked for more than 10 yrs in an international environment and have I write English fluently. Maybe we can have some mail exchange about this.You have my mail, I’m a WordPress user. Though the domain of this mailaddress is Dutch, I’m a fllemish speaking Belgian, a system engineer, also a computer pedagogue with an internetional media-activist past (Association for Progressive Communication). I read 6 languages, but this is not exceptuional for a Belgian of my age (60).

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